Monday, March 14, 2022

High School Curriculum Chat

"I would love to see what you are using
and will stick with for high school."

So hang on tight friend...  today's Homeschool Mom Chat is all about curriculum and what we use to earn all those credits in high school.

I hope you were able to clean up the kitchen, fold all that laundry, or walk around the block while you listened to this chat all about what has worked or is currently working to help us complete all those high school credits.

Links to the resources mentioned in today's video...

*** Language Arts - Composition
IEW - Structure + Style Level C - Year 1 - We choose the streaming video option

*** Language Art - Literature:
We are using the literary component of their history courses from Notgrass.

*** Math - Shormann Math

*** Science - Physical Science
Apologia - 2nd Edition by Jay Wile
Emma Lee used this recorded streaming lectures from Compass Classroom to go along with the textbook.

*** Science - Biology - Apologia - 2nd Edition by Jay Wile

** Science - Chemistry - Apologia - 2nd Edition by Jay Wile

** Science - Future Years
I mentioned how some of these 2nd edition are getting a little worn out so we do plan to go with the new senior high courses written by Mr. Wile and published by Berean Builders.

** History - American History
Exploring America by Notgrass
⁃ We also enjoyed watching these history lecture videos by Dave Raymond to add a layer of richness to the Notgrass spine.

** History - World History
Exploring World History by Notgrass
Modernity by Dave Raymond  -  This one is intense but if you have a history lover… I recommend getting the student reader to go along with the videos.

** History - Podcast - Exploring History with Ray Notgrass

** Bible - Museum of the Bible

** Bible - Apologetics - The Answers Series

** Health - Lifepac Set

** Computer - CompuScholar
We have not used these courses yet but we do plan to try this out this next year.

** Foreign Languages - Fluenz

** Driver’s Education - Textbook

** ACT Test Prep
Free Online Practice Testneed to create an account
Book that Caleb Davis is working through

Whew...  I know that was a lot of information and I just posted a lot of links but I hope this was helpful and gets your wheels turning for ways you can homeschool through high school.

Got a question for my next Homeschool Mom Chat?  Leave it in the comments below.

American History

Sunday, March 13, 2022

New Beginnings


Hi there!  My name is Jamie.  Thanks so much for stumbling across my little home here on the world wide web.   I have always enjoyed sharing bits + pieces of my days in hopes that it can be an encouragement to someone that finds themself on a similar journey of motherhood + home educating your children.

I have become very silent here the past few years - mostly sharing over on Instagram or Facebook because I found the community over there to be more engaging; plus it is a whole lot easier to be in the moment when you can post a photo or video on social media from the palm of your hand.  But let's just be truthful here because we are friends...  those platforms also have their "not so good sides" as well.

Since spring is approaching quickly, I felt like it was a good time for a change so I have decided to kick the dust off my 'ole blogging boots and start sharing in this way again here on my website.  You may not know this but I have been blogging off + on since 2004 so this type of sharing truly feels the most like home to me.  Plus, I feel like sharing like this on a blog will allow me to share more authentically + I will also be able to share more details (no more limits on my IG captions) and it will allow you to search + find content much easier.  So with this new refresh comes a new name + a new blog - but rest assured it is still the same 'ole me!

A good clean slate always feels so good doesn't it?  Whether it is a new season, a fresh school year ahead, or even just a good start on Monday morning.  I love a good reset so I have spruced up things here on the 'ole blog and I have wiped the slate clean but I do plan to go back through my many years of archives and republish some of the gems that I shared over the years.  

So I hope you will say "hi" down in the comments, chat with me live, subscribe to receive notifications on the latest posts + updates, and please share this little blog with your family + friends that might also need some encouragement right now.  

I can't wait to start posting + connecting with you all again!!

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